Is your Internet slow or dropping out and it only happens in certain parts of your house? 

This could be due to the size of your house. The bigger your house is the weaker the WiFi Signal gets the further you are from your Router. A simple way to test if your WiFi signal is weak is to connect your phone or a tablet to the WiFi. Then walk around the house do you see the WiFi Signal Indicator on your phone dropping down to 1 bar or 2 bars? If so, this could be an indication that your WiFi Signal is not strong enough to reach through your entire house.

If this test shows your signal weakening and you want some help to strength it then please reach out to Liberty Broadband Support at 385-288-0852 we would be happy to schedule an appointment to come over and review the Router you are using and the house. We can make a suggestion on a WiFi Extender that would work best with the Router you have. We can install the WiFi Extender and see if that corrected the issue you were seeing.

If your technical and install your own WiFi Extender and are seeing any issues or have questions create a support ticket and we would be happy to assist you.