Internet not working just as you were about to settle down for a good movie or some work?


This is something that can be resolved quickly and easily. There are some steps that you can try on your side. If they don’t work, call us and we can be at your house in 20 minutes.


Step To Try On Your End:

  1. Make sure the POE (Power Over Ethernet) is plugged in.

    1. This device should be close to your Router.

      1. If you follow the Internet Cable from your Router you should be able to see it plugged into a little box with another Ethernet cable.

      2. Make sure you see a light on the POE box

        1. If you see no light on the box, make sure it didn't get unplugged or that the socket it’s plugged into is working

          1. If you confirm that there is power to where the POE is plugged in, give Liberty Broadband Support a call at 385-288-0852. We can be over in 20 minutes with a new POE

      3. If you confirmed the POE has power, make sure that the Ethernet cables plugged into it are fully inserted and didn't become loose or unplugged.

        1. Next we need to make sure the Ethernet cables are plugged into the right spot

          1. If this step makes you wary, call Liberty Broadband Support at 385-288-0852 and we can come over and confirm the cables are placed properly

          2. The cable that goes to your Router’s Internet Port should be plugged into the LAN Port on the POE

          3. The cable that goes into your wall should be plugged into the POE Port on the POE

  2. Unplug the power from your Router and wait 60 seconds and plug it back in.


If these steps did not resolve the issue, please call Liberty Broadband Support at 385-288-0852 and we can come over and resolve the issue.