Pages taking a while to load? Videos buffering and loading? Games lagging?

Here are some steps to take:

  • Is the issue happening around the same time every day?
    • If so open a Support Ticket
    • Or call Liberty Broadband Support at 385-288-0852
  • Does it only buffer with one streaming service and the rest are working?
    • The Streaming Service could be having a technical issue on their end. Check their website, twitter, or facebook page to see if they mention it.
    • Open a Support Ticket and we can investigate it for you
    • Or call Liberty Broadband Support at 385-288-0852
  • Try rebooting your Router and the Dish.
    • The POE (Power Over Ethernet) box (black or white) is plugged into a wall socket or in a surge protector unplug it from the power and wait about 60 seconds.
      • Also unplug the Router's power cable and wait 60 seconds
    • If its still slow give Liberty Broadband Support a call\text at 385-288-0852 and we can do some investigation on our side and give the Sector you connect to a reboot and see if that resolves the issue.
  • If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service turn off the VPN and try a speedtest again.
    • If the speed returns to the speed you are paying for then you will need to open a Support Ticket with the VPN Service to let them know there VPN is causing your Internet to be slow when you are using it.