The light emanating from the center of your Google Wifi point provides a general status update at a glance. Different colors and pulses will tell you right away how your Wifi point is performing.

Here’s a guide on the different color states.

ColorWhat it meansWhat to do
No lightWifi point has no power or the light was turned off in the app.

Check that the power cable is properly connected to your Wifi point and a working power outlet.

If your Wifi point is already set up and the light is off, check your light brightness settings in the app. 

If there's still no light, contact customer support.


Solid whiteWifi point is online and all is well.

You're online. Enjoy!

Note: For OnHub, this light will be teal. 

   Blue pulseWifi point is ready for setup.

Set up the Wifi point in app. The light will turn solid teal once the Wifi point is online.

   Solid blueWifi point is factory resetting itself.This can take up to 10 minutes. When it's done, the Wifi point will reset itself and start pulsing blue, letting you know it's ready for setup.
   Orange pulseWifi point has no internet connection.Check that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to your primary Wifi point and modem. 
   Red pulseWifi point has an issue.Factory reset the Wifi point. If it continues to pulse red, contact customer support.